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Institut Thalassa & SPA

Quiet and a maritime climate, there's nothing better for a thalassotherapy stay

The Thalassa Sea & Spa Institute : Discover thalassotherapy for tomorrow.

We provide our expertise to support your health, beauty, and overall wellness.
The thalassotherapy institute and spa feature a contemporary setting, bathed in calm and daylight, with every space and every moment being created to relax your very being.
Whether your aim is to escape for a few hours, a few days, or even a week, you’ll find a treatment program to suit you.

Our Signature Programs (6 nights and 6 days of treatment):

Mer du Sommeil for a restorative night’s sleep, combined with Performance Golf that alternates between time on the green and relaxation and recovery.

Our Interlude Programs (6 nights and 6 days of treatment) :

Shape and Wellness giving you all the benefits of thalassotherapy, À la Carte Wellness that allows you to create your own program, Maritime Bubble ” that gives you a daily massage, Yummy Mummy for a few days’ pampering, Slimming Capital to boost your weight loss or sculpt and shape your body, Capital Health to relieve tensions or restore mobility in your joints.

Our Escape Programs ( 5 nights and 4 days) :

Marine Escape to provide the essentials of thalassotherapy, to allow you to create your own program; Escape from Burnout to allow you to take control and unwind.

Our Short Breaks ( from 1 to 3 nights) :

Vitality break for a thalassotherapy taster; Zen Break to combine massage and seawater treatment; Girls’ Break for a dreamy getaway; Private Moments Break to allow you to share a special moment as a couple.

Spa & Beauty

Just a stone’s throw away from your thalassotherapy treatments, the Zen-like atmosphere of the spa cabins awaits.
With massage therapies from all over the world, cutting-edge techniques, slimming treatment, skin treatments, and professional anti-aging expertise, our estheticians will take great care of you.
Each moment of treatment helps you unwind.
All spa and beauty treatments are offered on an à la carte basis, either individually or combined with your stay.
Our beauty partners: brands renowned for their excellence.

Thalasso & Spa • Accor Group

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