National Architecture Day

National Architecture Day : October 19th to October 21st 2018

Heritage of tomorrow, architecture is in the crossroads of big(great) stakes of today:

  • Ecological and climatic stakes by his(her,its) patrimonial and urban dimension(size);
  • Economic stakes because she(it) feeds activity and employment(use) and participates in the attractivité of territories;
  • Social stakes by the link which she(it) establishes in our cities, our metropolises and our countryside;
  • Scientific stakes and of innovation, by the smartness of the architects which she mobilises for the good(property) to be users.

The national Days of architecture have as objective to develop knowledge to the general public of all dimensions(size) of this discipline and his(her,its) jobs(businesses). Architecture is at the heart of the everyday life.

This event asserts(affirms) the will of the Ministry of Culture to give rise at the the place of French people «to a desire of architecture».

In programme, on the whole territory: visits of construction sites(works), meetings / debates, exhibitions(exposures), prize lists, urban walks, open doors …

Priority of the Ministry of Culture, the arts education and cultural will be integral part of event(demonstration), with Friday, October 19th which will be devoted to the school. This day has as ambition to bring a consciousness to the pupils from most youth, of the role of architecture and of contemporary town planning in the built executive(frame) and the well-being of each. A premature understanding of the constructed and natural, close or distant space, is an experience(experiment) which will allow to these future citizens to acquire an architectural and urban culture, appropriate to make of them demanding and lighted(enlightened) actors of their daily environment, in its social, ecological, economic, cultural dimension(size).

News published on 09.4.2018