European Heritage Day

European Heritage Day September 15th and 16th, 2018

European Heritage Days offer every year to all citizens an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover or to rediscover monuments, buildings, gardens which make our history(story), our common memory and the face of our territories. Initiated by France, they are celebrated in about fifty European countries today.

This 35e edition(publishing) is particularly strong in symbol, in this year of 2018 which was dedicated Année européenne du patrimoine culturel and that marks moreover the centenarian(centenary) of the end of the World War I. Placed under theme by «The art of division(sharing)», this edition(publishing) offers us opportunity(occasion) to question what gathers(collects) us, what connects(binds) us. The partner sites will open their doors to all citizens the weekend of September 15th and 16th, and from Friday, September 14th to the school public. This privileged access offered to youth joins the descendants of actions(shares) which we support for the arts education and cultural of all from most youth.

This 35e edition(publishing) is also marked by the first edition(publishing) of the Bingo of the heritage, organised by the Française des Jeux with the help of the Heritage foundation, and creation of which I wished to rest(support) the heritage restoration in danger. Recipes(Receipts) are going so to benefit in the restoration(catering) from 251 chosen sites as priority. The creation of this Bingo is one of the measures of long-term strategy for the heritage which I carry. This strategy gives fresh impetus to the politics(policy) of the State, thanks to a reinforced budget, and a commitment reasserted for the rural territories and the old(former) centres in particular. Our heritage saw thanks to those who visit it, but also thanks to those who
assure(insure) conservation throughout the year. The Ministry of Culture plays in France a leading role, beside regions with a measure of autonomy and associations.

I thank all those who, professionals and amateurs, public and private owners, associations, private and institutional partners, medias, contribute every year to the success of European Heritage Days.

Good visits to all and all,
Françoise Nyssen, Minister of Culture

News published on 09.4.2018