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Created in 1990 by Michel Le Bris, Christian Rolland and Maëtte Chantrel, who were later joined by Jean-Claude Izzo, the festival now attracts around 60,000 yearly visitors.

The name of the festival, “Étonnants Voyageurs” or “Marvelous Travelers” is taken from a poem by Baudelaire, “”Le voyage”, which was dedicated to Maxime Du Camp.

Today’s Saint-Malo Film and Book Festival involves:
…the chance to meet with writers, literary café culture, breakfasts and pre-dinner drinks with authors, shows, exhibitions, films, talks and lectures, events for young people, a vast book show: a festival that truly celebrates literature for all audiences and all ages!

Since 1990, the festival has explored eastern literature, Latin American literature, and African literature, with 200 writers from different countries meeting in Saint-Malo for three days of meetings, debates, readings, and literary cafés in 25 locations throughout the town.


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News published on 11.13.2016

Buy Valium In Australia Online