Dinard Comedy Festival

The Dinard Comedy Festival, from April 26th to 30th, 2018

Originally known in French as “Les Estivales du Rire de Dinard” – “The Dinard Summer of Laughter” – a name derived from the group that organized it, the Dinard Comedy Festival was created in 1998 by Xavier Le Breton. It takes place annually in Dinard, between the end of April and the start of May, and attracts over 6,000 visitors and 3,500 audience members each year.

The Dinard Comedy Festival lasts for four days and offers four evenings of shows.  The festival starts with an opening ceremony, where several comedians who are already somewhat well-known perform their shows (or at least parts of them, because there are so many performers). The two subsequent evenings are given over to the competitors, with eight comedians entering the contest at the Dinard Comedy Festival. Over the course of two evenings, they appear on stage to perform 30 minutes of their shows in an attempt to win over the professional jury and the general public. The festival concludes with a closing ceremony, where one artist is invited to perform a show, which could involve inviting friends along to create a show specifically for the occasion.

The contest winners also receive their prizes during this evening, with three prizes being awarded: the Golden Luron (a term that refers to a happy-go-lucky, cheery lad), the Silver Luron, and the Public Luron.

The live show, in all its forms (including one-man shows, stand-up, theater, music, street theater, and youth theater) is the main focus of the festival, but there’s lots more going on, such as film premieres, exhibitions, and showings of short web shows.


News published on 11.15.2016